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2018 Holistic Horsemanship 12 Month Course - Seville, Victoria (Code HH5)

Email for a brochure: There are 4 terms. Students can enrol and pay by term or save 20% on full year registration. There are specific study components where students are given assignments and projects, allowing the opportunity to develop additional understanding and insights. Classes are a mixture of outdoor hands-on with horses (provided) and indoor sessions. Students are awarded with Certificates of Completion at the conclusion of the study programme. Who should attend? Anyone who has an interest in horses, has their own horses, or interacts with horses! What makes this different? It is based on real-life situations, the psychology and behaviour components are backed up by scientific information, and the approach is entirely from a ‘what’s natural for the horse’ perspective, engaging softness and lightness, though what to do when safety issues or problems arise. You will benefit from learning handling skills shared by Jayne, who is one of Australia’s most respected natural horsemanship educators. Be one of the lucky few to be part of this personal and unforgettable experience - plus, enjoy being with like-minded people and bask in spectacular views of countryside and horses. Location: Seville, Yarra Valley, Victoria.
2018 Holistic Horsemanship 12 Month Course - Seville, Victoria (Code HH5) A$1,560.00 A$1,099.00 This month's special