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The aim of this book: Some parents have young children who are 'pony mad', but they themselves have no understanding or knowledge of ponies or horses. By reading this book with their children, they can learn together and enjoy the fascinating journey of understanding equine behaviour. Through this knowledge and understanding it can be seen how a horse or pony can become - - safe to be with. - safe to handle. - safe to ride. - a willing friend and partner. No matter how long a parent or child has been involved with horses, there are always new things to learn and understand. There may even be 'that pony' who makes you think that you know nothing at all. Whether children read this book alone or with and adult, it is the beginning of a wonderful journey for them and their equine friend. About the Author: My name is Lynn Henry and I am passionate about horsemanship and education. I was a biology teacher for ten years, but gave up this career to bring up my young children. Now living on a small holding it seemed natural to buy a pony and ride. Just one small problem, I knew nothing about ponies or riding. As a child I had never ridden. This was a huge learning experience for me – looking at ponies through my children’s eyes, sharing their expectations, dreams and fears. I wanted what they wanted, to be safe and learn as much as possible about these little equines. This is where my journey began fifteen years ago. I have studied and trained with some of the leading figures in horsemanship and have extended my knowledge to include a holistic approach to horses. I am a horse and human healer, I have qualified as a horse Iridology practitioner after studying with Helen Collinson. I am also a qualified Shiatsu for horses practitioner with the Scottish school of Horse Shiatsu. I've also written and published Think Like a Pony Ground Skills (3 books in the series) and Think Like a Pony in the Saddle, the first of which is just published. I am passionate about horses and helping people to develop a relationship with them, built on respect and understanding. By taking this communication and understanding into riding, people can learn to develop harmony in the saddle. Many children and adults around the UK & Australia have begun to learn together with their ponies and horses, and are enjoying the wonderful journey of understanding equine behaviour. Thank you to all my students both equine and human who have helped me to grow in understanding over the years. This journey never ends, we are all learning.
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