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thinklikeapony2.jpg Think Like a Pony Book
This wonderful little book on pony and horse behaviour introduces the foundations of horse psychology, why horses do what they do, how they see the world, and how understanding can help better Natural communication. A must-have! and Recommended by Jayne, particularly for young people. Click link to read more.

Unconditional-love-cover.jpg "Unconditional Love" Pet Rescue's Great Animal Stories (Book)
(Includes Wrangler Jayne's story of her brumby foal, Spirit). This inspiring collection features nearly 100 stories about every rescue animal imaginable, from cats, dogs and horses to chooks, wombats and penguins. These tales of heroics, survival and companionship are about creatures with injuries, animals from troubled backgrounds and some cheeky orphans who work their way into the hearts of their new families.

Cynthia-dvd-small.jpg Bitless Riding Basics DVD with Cynthia Cooper
You MUST have this DVD to help you make the transition to riding bitless from your regular bitted bridle, with safety and success, using the LightRider Bitless Bridle. Cynthia is the designer of the LightRider Bitless Bridles which Jayne endorses. Her DVD is dedicated to the basics of riding bitless in the bridle she designed. Whether you are starting a young horse or transitioning an older horse, the process shown in these DVD's will keep you safe and ensure you have maxiumum control. Cynthia teaches with the use of positive reinforcement, combined with natural horsemanship techniques that any horse and rider can easily learn. Bitless Riding Basics features 4 hours of footage from a clinic with Cynthia Cooper held in Albury, Australia. Minimal editing of the clinic footage means you get to see the whole learning process as 10 different horses present their individual issues. You will also hear many snippets of Cynthia's ideas on teaching horses throughout the DVD.

THE-PONYTHATDIDNOTDIE-web.jpg The Pony That Did Not Die - Barefoot Laminitis Rehabilition
Book. The Pony That Did Not Die, by Andrew Bowe. Healing Laminitis with Barefoot Rehabilitation. Jayne says: "This is a brilliant book, that EVERY horse owner should read and have as a reference book on their shelf. I couldn't put it down, and am sure that the information here will save the lives of many horses. Certainly the Best book on the subject that I've ever come across, dealing with the subject of laminitis based on new, cutting edge research and information and includes real-life stories and straight talk, giving horse owners an understanding of just how serious laminitis is." Don't delay, get this book today - be informed about your horse's diet, living conditions and hooves to help prevent mistakes that can lead to this potentially life-threatening condition.

zen-mind-zen.jpeg Zen Mind Zen Horse
Zen Mind, Zen Horse, By Allan J Hamilton. Jayne says: "I absolutely love this book, it provides a window into the horse's heart, mind and soul ... that all horsepeople should read it." When we learn the language of chi, we become more effective as leaders, more attuned to others, and more joyful as human beings. Zen Mind, Zen Horse begins by examining how the equine and human brains function, often related to their respective roles as prey and predator. Going on to draw insights and wisdom from spiritual traditions such as Zen Buddhism, Ayurvedic healing, and Yaqui shamanism and from the great horse cultures of the Mongolians, Bedouins, and Native Americans, Dr. Hamilton shows the importance of developing right-brain awareness and quieting the left-brain dominance of our Western brains. Seamlessly integrating spiritual principles and practical applications, Dr. Hamilton shows how to apply the chi-based approach to every aspect of horse-human communication, including: The act of grooming as a spiritual practice Techniques of alpha-horse leadership that make others gladly follow Gaze, stance, and gesture as training tools The irresistible power of infinite patience. Ultimately, the author shows the depth of insight humans gain into themselves, as well as horses, after working with these amazing animals.