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Join Club Wrangler here and get all the Horsemanship with Heart DVDs AND get your STUDENT AND WRANGLER CLUB MEMBERS DISCOUNT. Just browse through the items ... click 'add to cart' for each item you want to order... (your discount is already applied) and then just click 'check out' to organise your credit card payment... it's easy and so quick!
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JointheClub.jpeg Club Wrangler Membership
Introductory Bonus Lifetime membership offer. Get Discounts off all training DVDs in Jayne's shop; Training Tips and Members newsletters sent regularly to your email address Free personal consultation via email or Facebook with Jayne; Members Discount off selected courses, clinics and workshops; A chance to Win the Members-Only newsletter Competitions for Great Prizes! (Previously the Horsemanship with Heart Network)

Private Lesson Package - 6 Hours of Personal Coaching
A$450.00 A$399.00 Limited time bonus
6 Hours of Personal Coaching Package AVAILABLE JULY 14-17 ONLY for existing/regular students. Jayne will come to see you and your horse at your location in the Yarra Valley region*, (*travel fees may apply depending on your location), or you can partner with a horse Jayne provides for you at Seville. For enquires about group lessons (2+ people) or any other questions, please Contact Jayne Lesson duration: 1.5 - 2 hours per session. Click on the link to see more details.

wrangler-Jayne-EssDVDSet Ground Skills Essentials set - Student Discount
A$199.00 A$139.00 Limited time bonus
Students and Members SAVE $60 with this set. Jayne's 3-part Ground Skills "Essentials" series gives you 6 hours of detailed instruction. These DVDs are professionally produced with clear, easy to follow instruction. Jayne shows you with different horses exactly how you can develop Trust, Confidence and Respect - with your Heart - to create the relationship you've always dreamed of.

float-loading-new4web.jpg Float Loading Made Easy -Network Members
A$59.00 A$37.00 Limited time bonus
ON SPECIAL! Float Loading made Easy! Jayne shows you with Sharif exactly how you can do it, safely and successfully, using your heart, mind and natural communication skills. This is a natural continuation of the Horsemanship with Heart Essentials 1, 2 and 3! This 60-minute DVD is packed with great information you can USE with your horse! Reviews say it's 'great value, really helpful, makes perfect sense and is inspirational!' Even if your horse loads quite well, this will make it even Better!

horses-gallop ACHIEVERS PACKAGE - Complete Horsemanship with Heart Training Package -Network Members
A$413.00 A$289.00 Limited time bonus
Massive benefits for Network Members in this great ACHIEVERS pack, in which you get: * All 3 Essential Ground Skills DVD sets - (6 hours) * Relaxed Riding DVD set 2.5 hrs * Float Loading Made Easy DVD 1 hour * Jayne's Top 10 Tips DVD - 1 hour

Getting-Started-Pack-shopsi.jpg The Getting Started Pack - NETWORK MEMBERS
Save $60 as a Network Member. Do it right from the start! Don't let questions and little challenges turn into big problems and major issues. This set from Jayne will help you Do it right, and help you understand the basics of horse behaviour and your role in being a wonderful leader for your horse. Includes Essentials 1 DVD set "Touching Your Horse with Your Heart", "The Top 10 Tips" DVD and CD "Unlocking the Secrets to your Horse's Mind".

Wrangler-Jayne-Ess1DVDFull Ground Skills Essentials 1- Network Members
A$79.00 A$55.30 Limited time bonus
Do you want to Discover the Way to your Horses Heart? In "Touching your Horse with your Heart, the first in Jayne's Essentials ground skills training series, you'll get 2 hours of useable information, demonstration and wonderful inspiration! You'll find it highly watchable, explanatory and detailed. Jayne shows you with several horses how to build trust, confidence and respect through understanding ... plus gives you specific techniques for safety. This DOUBLE DVD set (2 hours) is Essential to creating brilliant foundation skills, so If you are wanting to improve your Natural Connection with your horse... Start here!

Wrangler-Jayne-Ess2DVDFull Ground Skills Essentials 2 - Network Members
A$79.00 A$55.30 Limited time bonus
"Communicating with your Horse with your Heart" is the second in Wrangler Jayne's 3-part Essentials series. Another double DVD set with 2 hours of practical, simple-to-follow training, you'll be continuing the ground skills to improve the Natural Relationship with your horse. (Make sure you start with Volume 1 first!) Jayne shows you clearly and in detail how to further build your relationship through gentle, natural communication and understanding. These training movies are ESSENTIAL for anyone wanting a wonderful relationship with their horse.

Wrangler-Jayne-Ess3DVDFull Ground Skills Essentials 3 - Network Members
A$79.00 A$55.30 Limited time bonus
"Heart Moves" completes the 3-part Horsemanship with Heart Essentials ground skills series. In this double DVD set, Jayne gives you 2 hours of detailed and explanatory instruction as she shows you more ground skills that will help you be a respected leader for your horse. Jayne makes it simple and easy to move your horse around, always with polite requests and using clear body language. It's best if you have learned the skills in Volumes 1 and 2 before starting on the moves in Volume 3, so make sure you have those as well!

On-the-move-set-shopsite.jpg The On the Move Pack - Network Members
Network members Save $49. This Pack includes Network Membership), Float Loading Made Easy DVD and Relaxed Bitless Riding for Every Rider DVD. The perfect Triple Combo after you've got some ground skills under your belt!

relaxedridingshop.jpg Relaxed Riding DVD set -Network Members
A$85.00 A$59.50 Limited time bonus
If you've ever dreamed of riding your horse using the power of your focus, the magic of your breathing, and the clarity of your body language, this DVD is for you! Relaxed Riding is safe, fun and feels fantastic! In this first of Jayne's riding DVD sets (2.5 hours), be inspired how to do it - in the saddle, bareback, and without a bit! - and get detailed practical instruction that will build your confidence and skills! This is a natural continuation of what you've done in Essentials 1, 2 & 3!

10-things-slick-new The Top 10 Basics of Regular Horse Care - Network Members
A$59.00 A$41.30 Limited time bonus
Like everything you do with your horse, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. How do you know the difference? Your horse will tell you! A relaxed horse that gives you permission to do things for them is the goal. This DVD, The Top 10 Basics of Regular Horse Care, will guide you through these essential but often overlooked areas of caring for your horse. Jayne shows you with Arriba just how to do it, so you can do it with your horse! See exactly how it's done - in the gentlest, practical way - to make things easier, calmer, and more enjoyable for both you and your horse. Includes Handling Feet, , Desensitising to a Rug, Taking Temperature, Deworming, and Sheath Cleaning. Duration: 1 Hour.