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relaxriding2013-web.jpg Relaxed Bitless Riding for Every Rider DVD set (2.5hrs)
Have you ever dreamed of riding your horse BITLESS, in just a halter, (or bitless bridle) using the power of your focus, the magic of your breathing, and the clarity of your body language, this DVD set is for you! Relaxed Riding is safe, fun and feels fantastic! Be inspired how to do it - and get detailed practical instruction from Jayne that will build your confidence and skills! STEP-BY-STEP Preparation, exercises and clear explanations will help you communicate effectively with your horse, WITHOUT A BIT! This is a natural continuation of what you've done in Ground Skills Parts 1, 2 & 3! Duration: 2.5 hours.

Essentials1-redesign2015.jpg Touching Your Horse with Your Heart - TRAINING DVD SET
"Touching your Horse with Your Heart" is the first in Jayne's Ground Skills Essentials training series. You'll get 2 hours of GREAT information, demonstration and wonderful inspiration! You'll find it highly watchable, explanatory and detailed. Jayne shows you with several horses how to build trust, confidence and respect, giving you her special techniques and exercises that WILL make a difference to your relationship with your horse.

Wrangler-Jayne-Ess2DVDFull Communicating with Your Horse with your Heart - TRAINING DVD SET
"Communicating with your Horse with your Heart" is the second in Wrangler Jayne's 3-part Ground SKills Essentials series. Another double DVD set with 2 hours of practical, simple to follow training, you'll be continuing the ground skills to improve the Natural Relationship with your horse. (Make sure you start with Part 1 first!) Jayne shows you clearly and in detail how to further build your relationship through gentle, natural communication and understanding. These training movies are ESSENTIAL for anyone wanting a wonderful relationship with their horse.

Wrangler-Jayne-Ess3DVDFull Heart Moves - TRAINING DVD SET
"Heart Moves" is the third in the Ground Skills Essentials series. Jayne gives you 2 hours of detailed instruction as she shows you more ground communication skills that will help you be a trusted influence when interacting with your horse. Jayne makes it simple and easy to move your horse around, always with polite requests and using clear body language. It's best if you have learned the skills in Parts 1 and 2 before starting on the moves in Part 3, so make sure you have those as well!

wrangler-Jayne-EssDVDSet Horsemanship with Heart Set (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
SAVE WHEN YOU GET THE SET. Jayne's acclaimed 3-part Ground Skills "Horsemanship with Heart Essentials" series gives you 6 hours of learning. These DVDs are professionally produced with clear, easy to follow instruction. Jayne shows you with different horses exactly how you can develop Trust, Confidence and Respect - with your Heart - to create the relationship you've always dreamed of!

10-things-slick-new The Top 10 Basics of Regular Horse Care
In this helpful DVD Jayne gives you some valuable tips and ideas for 10 of the most common things that are part of every horse owner's responsibilities. See exactly how it's done (with Arriba!) - in the gentlest, practical way - to make things easier, calmer, and more enjoyable for both you and your horse. Includes Handling Feet, Taking Temperature, Deworming, Rugging a new horse, and Sheath Cleaning. All with the same professionalism you've come to expect on all Jayne's DVDs.

float-loading-lime-large.jpg Floating Can Be FUN! Loading (and Unloading) into the Horse Trailer Made EASY! DVD
A$59.00 A$39.00 Limited time bonus
On Sale for a Limited Time Only. Travelling with your horse can be an event you look forward to, with confidence. And yes, it CAN be FUN!! Jayne shows you with her arabian gelding Sharif how you can help your horse feel safer, calmer and willing, using a step-by-step method that is always gentle and considerate of your horse. INCLUDES footage of Zorro loading at liberty! "For the first time ever, my horse seemed to want to go into the float - she was completely different using your method, thank you, thank you, thank you, from Misty and me" - Jodie, Victoria, Australia. NETWORK MEMBERS go to Network Members page.

WranglerJaynedonkeydvd.jpg Natural Donkey Handling DVD - Part 1
A$59.50 A$45.00 Limited time bonus
Bonding and communicating with donkeys on a level that they understand, for greater harmony, pleasure and safety requires that their human handler develop the skills and patience that their donkey will trust, have confidence in, and respect. In this first "Natural Donkeymanship" DVD, Wrangler Jayne introduces the foundation skills of building a relationship and demonstrates the foundations of gentle donkey handling. Jayne’s approach is gentle, patient and lighthearted, with the goal of providing the perfect learning environment for you and your donkey friends! Natural Donkeymanship is donkey relationship-building with trust, confidence and respect through understanding, sensitivity and patience - using gentle, psychology-based communication principles. Produced with the same professionalism you've come to expect on all Wrangler Jayne's DVDs.

WranglerJayne-donkeydvd2.jpg Natural Donkey Handling DVD - Part 2
A$59.50 A$45.00 Limited time bonus
In this second "Natural Donkeymanship" DVD, Wrangler Jayne shows you what to do when you experience some common challenges, and further expands on the basic skills of safe, considerate handling skills that are useful for everyday handling of your donkey friends. Produced with the same professionalism you've come to expect on all Wrangler Jayne's DVDs. GET BOTH DVDs for even more Savings!

donkey_dvd_covers_set_small_shop.jpg Natural Donkey Handling DVDs - BOTH SETS
A$95.00 A$79.00 Limited time bonus
Save over 20% when you order both sets.

HORSES-MEET-SHOPSITE.jpg ACHIEVERS PACKAGE - Complete Horsemanship with Heart Package
A$539.00 A$379.00 Limited time bonus
SAVE $160! In this great Achievers Pack, you get The Complete Training Kit from Jayne. * Horsemanship with Heart Network Membership - Value $99 * Essentials 1 Ground Skills DVD set - Value $79 * Essentials 2 Ground Skills DVD set - Value $79 * Essentials 3 Ground Skills DVD set - Value $79 * Relaxed Riding DVD set - value $85 * Float Loading Made Easy DVD - Value $59 * Jayne's Top 10 Tips DVD - Value $59

secrets-understanding-CD-crop1 Unlocking the Secrets to Understanding Horses CD
Out of Stock. Jayne shares with you the secrets to understanding horses, their emotional nature, their wild hearts, ways to communicate with them using understanding, sensitivity and patience. Perfect for listening in your car.

"Always do it with Heart" - Wrangler Jayne